watchdog 2

Due to some serious technical issues during Ubisoft forward, all paid including watchdog 2 are available to claim for everyone.

Earlier this week, Ubisoft announced that anyone who will log in to Upaly account during the Ubisoft forward stream would be given free access to watchdog 2. Actually, some of the users were facing difficulties while trying to log in to the Uplay account. So Ubisoft announced free access to everyone including watchdog 2 on PC as well as other rewards. All you need to state the freebies are register on Ubisoft’s site. If you have already account then you should only log in. and if you haven’t created yet you can get it by simply creating one.

The specialty of Watchdog 2 is that there are references and links to the original things and occasions.

   You can explore to the San Francisco bay area in watchdog 2, you can roam by your foot or can use any vehicle, car, bus, and motorcycle.  The game also features both a co-op mode and competitive multiplayer modes such as Hacking Invasion, Bounty Hunter, and more.  A young hacker named Marcus Holloway who has joined hacking group DedSec and is working to expose corruption and crimes committed by a technology company.

trailer of watchdog 2

During Ubisoft forward, watchdog 2 got some fame and we informed that Ambitious open-world adventure is going to release on October 29 on PS4, Xbox One, and on PC.  Those who purchase PS4 or Xbox One consoles will get free upgrades to PS5 or Xbox Series X when the next-gen consoles arrive this holiday.