Apex Legend IS Coming To Android Devices

The Battle Royale Game Apex Legend Game Is Coming to ANDROID

The Online multiplayer game apex legend is coming to android devices in this year Said By CEO.So You all Know That the battle royal game Apex legend was released on pc And other consoles .

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to get a comic series in the mid of September!!

The comic series will focus on one of the most powerful corporations in the game, so don't forget to get the comic thrill...

Sniper ghost warrior 2 confirmed for release in 2020

Sniper ghost warrior is going to hit Gaming world in coming FALL. It will be available in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC
Title Feature

Marvel’s Avengers confirmed as PS5 and Xbox Series X title

Square Enix has announced that Marvels's Avengers will be officially a PS5 and Xbox Series X title

PC game FIFA 21 will be in the PS4 and Xbox one version

Their ultra-features may not be in PC at launch in other words. The focus of FIFA’s announcement last week was on the desire for...

Minecraft got into the world video game hall of fame 2020 inductees

Minecraft being one of the best-selling crafting game has been inducted into world video game hall of fame. Narrating as “one of the most innovative construction...

Ship roster is disclosed by star Wars squadrons

Released footage by EA play show the ship roster for star wars squadrons amid upcoming space combat game from EA motive. Both Imperial and New Republic sides will have...

The ‘Prince of Persia:Dagger of time’ game launches in 2020?

The Assassin's Creed franchise took off and overtook Prince of Persia which led to Ubisoft bringing the game to an end. The game launches in Spring of 2020. The game returns as a VR Escape Room and is not anything like its predecessors.

Apex Legends on Steam with cross-platform support

EA announces Apex Legends for Steam today at EA Play Event
It Takes Two Logo

The Next Game from the Creaters of ‘A Way Out’ is “It Takes Two”

A new co-operative game of love, separation and heart touching Emotions..!