Fable feature

Two of the Microsoft’s present defunct series, Fable and perfect Dark, both created twitter accounts. One was registered in March and other in June. Investigating further, one of the protected account has Microsoft employ as its only follower.

No one is sure who is behind these accounts but a Microsoft Xbox employee is following one, and other is registered to a Microsoft email address.

Microsoft’s next replacement for E3 online conference is going to held in July and since the last one disclosed assassin’s creed Valhalla and committed the PC version of Yakuza, like a dragon. As well as declaring more of bloodlines 2, Dirt 5, madden NFL 21, scorn, and many other games, everyone is expecting a stack of big announcements. And reappearance of famous games coming t Xbox series X and Window 10 would certainly be that.

While there is no existence of Fable’s original studio Lionhead, playground gamers are reported to have been working on a new fable game for at least the previous couple of years.

An FPS series, perfect dark, developed by Rare has never been on PC before and  it would be surely be pleasure to see port of original or a sequel of it. However right now it’s just speculation, though.