The game returns as a VR Escape Room and is not anything like its predecessors.

The game was bound to launch in spring 2020 and we can expect it anytime soon. Developed by Ubisoft Düsseldorf, the creators of two Assassin’s Creed VR escape rooms, Beyond Medusa’s Gate and Escape the Lost Pyramid, revolves the game around the time trilogy which gives teams of up to four players the chance to work together and use magical powers to solve puzzles with room-scale VR in a dedicated physical space.

According to Ubisoft, there are over 300 locations to play the game across the globe, and this game joins both Escape the Lost Pyramid and Medusa’s Gate making it an open-world game as part of the Ubisoft’s offering. The official description of the game reads,

“Two, three, or four players team up and work together to solve puzzles and find a way out of a reimagined Fortress of Time. In the story, players are summoned by Kaileena, the Empress of Time. They are asked to help her to stop the evil plans of a Magi who is attempting to restore the sands to the Hourglass of Time and create an army of Sand Monsters. To successfully escape the fortress, players must use cooperative teamwork and problem-solving skills to complete objectives, utilizing powers such as time control from the dagger of time.”

The Assassin’s Creed franchise took off and overtook Prince of Persia which led to Ubisoft bringing the game to an end. The game launches in the Spring of 2020.

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