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A new co-operative game of love, separation and heart touching Emotions..!

It Takes two new game from Josef

Josef Fares, a film maker who become game developer, who suffered alot in life and is well known with emotions, the creator of the outstanding emotional games ‘A Way Out’ and ‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’, is comming up with a new game “It Takes Two”. Its an emotional co-operative game that give the players a thrilling experience. A girl from a broken family starts gets emotionally attached with dolls that represent her parents and somehow start controlling them and the story begins..

The game comes with very interesting graphics, and story that will blow your mind. Rose somehow controlls the dolls – that represents the parents Cody and May. The game let us controll these dolls offering us co-operative gameplay. It is going to be published by EA in year 2021.

For more information about the game, release date and registeration visit the official EA site through the link.