The Corsair K100 RGB Gaming keyboard – A new King..! This is the Worlds Fastest gaming Keyboard in the world at this time.

Corsair K100 RGB Gaming keyboard

The Corsair K100 RGB Gaming keyboard – A new King..!

Corsair has recently launched a new beast in the world of gaming keyboards which is Corsair K100. It’s a new RGB mechanical keyboard with Corsair’s new OPX Optical-Mechanical key switches. Its the first keyboard that is appeared with these new mechanical switches. These switches are very fast and can travel 1mm (a total distance of 3.2mm) to create a response to the machine. The keyboard has onboard processing technology called Axon. And because of Axon, there are 10 preset RGB effects and can also save a total of 20 lightening effects stored in the keyboard itself. It comes with a polling rate of 4000Hz and making it the world’sb fastest keyboard in the world.

Body of Corsair K100

This keyboard has an aluminium frame with a very Brush lines texture on the edges. The board is slim looking and doesn’t contain any flex. At the forehead of the keyboard, there is a glossy stripe on which we see the Corsair logo. This stripe also indicates the keys that are enabled such as CAPS Lock key with an LED indicator. The resting feet now extends outwards to the left and right edges instead of extending towards the foreside.

Corsair K100 full look

It has double-shot PBT keycaps with a very fine new texture. The font has been changed to a less bold and aggressive look. At the bottom of the keyboard, there is a proper network for wires. There is also a USB port at the forehead of the keyboard. There are also four rubber pads at the bottom of the keyboard that prevents the keyboard from sliding. The keyboard overall has a very fine and great look. I personally liked the Brush lines texture on the edges and the slimness of the keyboard.

Wrist Rest of Corsair K100

The box contains a new magnetic wrist rest. It gets attached to the keyboard with the flaps that get attached at the bottom of the keyboard. The cloth on the foam has a nice texture on it too. There is a Corsair name tag at the middle of the wrist rest. So, overall it’s a very nice wrist rest..!

Keys of Corsair K100

The amazing thing that is in this keyboard is that it features all-new Corsair Optical switches. These switches are very fast and can travel 1mm (a total distance of 3.2mm) to create a response to the machine. It uses an infrared signal to send a message to the computer. These switches have a Corsair logo on them. There are dedicated multi-media keys at the top right corner of the keyboard which includes a volume button in the form of a bar roller and it is sitting with the mute key and four pause play buttons with a glossy look located above the Numpad keys.

Corsair K100 keys

There is a new multi-functional roller at the top left corner of the keyboard. This roller has a circular shape with a button in the centre. This roller has many functions like controlling the intensity of the RGB lights. The button in the centre is called the iCue button which changes the functionality of roller and also helps in accessing the Software for controlling the RGB scheme and keys. There are six extra keys at the leftmost side of the keyboard which you can customize according to your needs.

Corsair K100 iCue fuctions

The iCue button changes LED colours with each press. Each colour has a specific function which can be controlled with the circular wheel.

RGB Lightening of Corsair K100

Talking about RGB lights of Corsair K100, there is a lot to talk about. There is a continuous stripe of LED Lights starting from the left side of the keyboard and ending on the right side of the keyboard. The stripe on the foreside is not on the top but on the bottom of the keyboard. This stripe on three sides makes it look very beautiful on the desk.

Corsair K100 desk look

Talking about keys, there is an individual LED light on the switches of each key. The light shines through the fonts of the keycaps. Talking about the RGB presets, this keyboard has 10 RGB presets builtin the keyboard. Moreover, you can organize settings according to your own needs through a fully organizable iCue Software. Your settings are also saved on the keyboard itself. So, no fear to lose the settings as you change the system.

Price of Corsair K100

The release price of the Corsair K100 is 230$. If I say, the price is appropriate as compared to its competitors. If you want to buy it, here are the links:



What else I can say about Corsair K100, Its just the best gaming keyboard in the world at the present time and yeah we can assume that Corsair is pushing the boundaries.

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