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Street FIghter 5 Capcom tour matches.
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Going online is the need for a gaming craze. The Capcom Pro Tour has moved online this year, and whittling down the list of competitors has already started, the best of whom will be fighting over the Capcom Cup, going to take place early next year. The transition to an online environment is not an easy task. The tournament has not been without issues, however, and two competitors, including last year’s champ, have forfeited their matches because of lag.

Winner of Capcom Cup 2019 iDom pits his Poison against Metro M’s Vega in the losers semi-final of the top 8 positions, at peak time during the final fight, just after Metro M pulled off four command grabs in a row and looked set to win, iDom disconnected, unfortunately, leaving commentators trying to figure out what happened.

Luckily Metro M was awarded the win, letting him move onto the losers final against ElChakotay. As last year’s champion, however, iDom’s spot in the Capcom Cup is still secure.

After dropping out, iDom explained that it was down to lag

He continued that he’d blacklisted Metro M.

The thrilling match between Metro M and ElChakotay lasted a little bit longer, but after two games, both of which went to Metro M, ElChakotay left the room, leaving the commentators confused once again. He didn’t return, so Metro M luckily moved onto the final with DR Mandrake.

ElChakotay cited the same issue as iDom, saying “if only you could have seen that fight from my end,” on Twitter.

Capcom’s removal of The Grid from the tournament also criticized by both of the players. It’s Street Fighter 5’s very smooth training stage, which is popular among online brawls because it’s believed to cause less lagβ€”there are fewer distractions, too.

NuckleDu, Capcom Cup 2016 champion also suggested for Capcom to change the rule and bring the stage back. “I really don’t understand why Capcom would ban the grid,” he said on Twitter. “That was one of the laggiest matches I’ve ever played.

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