Leak from a solid source says Steam Summer Sale 2020 is starting sooner than you expected

Valve never publicly announces the dates for Steam sales beforehand, to keep it a surprise for the customers. However, making all this happen requires a lot of hard work and collaborations with other businesses secretly, which usually opens up channels for leaks to start coming out.

A leak from the creator of SteamDB citing developer sources saying that the Steam Summer Sale is set from June 25 upto July 9. Given the credibility of sources and Valve’s timing for these events, there is no reason to doubt the truth behind it. After his tweet several other leaks supported the same date plan.

Source: Twitter

Though it is not yet official, and Valve will not confirm or deny the Steam Sale dates until it is ready to launch off the event. It’s also possible that they will shift one way or the other – but right now it looks pretty solid.

Summer Sale 2020

With the Steam Summer Sale dates leaked, here are some estimates for other Steam Sales for the rest of the year:

Steam Halloween Sale 2020: The Steam Halloween Sale 2020 will be brief and it will probably overlap Halloween. This gives us an estimate of starting on October 28th and ending on November 1st.

Steam Autumn Sale 2020 (Steam Black Friday Sale 2020): Last year, this sale started the Tuesday before Black Friday and ended the Tuesday after, covering Cyber Monday as well. That indicates the Steam Autumn Sale 2020 will be starting on November 24th and will be ending on December 1st.

Steam Winter Sale 2020: Last year, the Steam Winter Sale started from the Thursday of the week before Christmas and ended on the Thursday of the week after. If the Steam Winter Sale 2020 will be following the same pattern, then it will be starting from December 17th to December 31st. That being said, Steam may extend the date by a day or two for avoiding the ending on New Year’s Eve.