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Steam Summer Sale 2020 has Started With Bigger Discounts. Prepare your wallets to get more for a pile until July 9, 2020.

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First of all, let me tell u all about Steam Engine. So if u already know about Steam, then skip to the Steam Summer Sale News. Skip without scroll by clicking on the Quick Link.

Steam Engine is a platform where you can buy, play, save in-game achievements and discuss a vast variety of games. Steam works by creating your ID and saving all the data of your played games. Even it records the time spent on playing a game. If you are a gamer, then it’s an agent for you that keeps the whole record of your Gaming Career. So when you go to your old age, you can take a look at your gaming career by just signing into your Steam ID.

On Steam, not only you can play games, you can chat with your friends, join forums and play demos of the famous paid games. For parents, steam comes with Family Control with which parents can adjust which games are shown to children. Steam is the ultimate destination for playing, discussing, and creating games. To cut short, Steam is a Gamers Paradise.

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Let’s head back to our awaited news, Steam Summer Sale has started on 25th June 2020 (10:00 AM PT). It is going to last for the next two weeks i.e. on July 9 (also at 10:00 AM PT).  The Steam Summer Sale is a good opportunity to buy your favourite games at low prices. You can find discounts on major franchises Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Disco Elysium and Hollow Knight. Moreover, there is another offer to increase the sweetness of the Steam Summer Sale. Save an additional $1 on a purchase of $10 (Discount applied at checkout). When you spend $30 or more you will also save $5 (at checkout).

There is a list of offers on some selected games on Steam Summer Sale:

Prices may differ, as Steam can offer more discounts on these games as Summer Sale proceeds.

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