Sonic Generations for one dollar on Steam summer Sale

Sonic Generation with Casino DLCs for only one Dollar. Moreover, 75% sale on Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection.

Sonic Generations with Casino Night DLCs

If you never got a chance to get Sonic generations, then it might be the best opportunity to grab it.This game was lauched as a celebration of Sonic’s 20th anniversery. Everyone resumes celebrating Modern Sonic’s birthday while Classic Sonic and Tails bid farewell and return to their time.

Its a good chance to get the game for only $1.00 USD on Steam. You can get Sonic Generations with Casino Night DLCs. As the name suggests, there might be a casino theme or so.

Moreover, other games from Sonic Franchise including Sonic Mania, Sonic Adventure 2 and both Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing games are on sale too. You can save upto 75% of the original amount during the Summer Sale on Steam.

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