The famous Pc game rocket leage is coming to android

So guys if you are a pc gamer for a while and you know that there is a game that is multiplayer rocket league where you can select your cars and you have to defeat the other one by a goal just like a football.

So, guys, there is a rumor that is rocket league game is coming to Our android devices means you can play rocket league on your android devices.

This Is the big title game from esports project by psyonix

The Source About this rumor is that psyonix advertises a job listing his twitter. The advertisement about the Question answer test and another thing like useability of console and applications..

This advertisement for those who played games on mobiles and ios devices like iPad iPhone and other things. So this advertisement for the people and this hype is already done by the advertisers.

As you know in 2019 psyonix was acquired in 2019 in the epic games store. and also you know epic games store will be launch in android devices where you can play your games in your android devices also. So As A pc gamer, this game is too good because of its multiplayer gameplay and it will hugely top-notch when it will release on android devices and other things.