Release has been postponed

Nightdive Studios’ formidable remastering of the 1997 point-and-click Blade Runner adventure that was expected to be released this year has been postponed until a new date is released

The System Shock remake developer had promised an Enhanced Edition of the venerable adventure game that would upgrade the cutscenes, enhance models and animations. Following substantial problems accessing the original game’s assets the project’s release date is now “TBD”, told by Eurogamer to Nightdive this week.

“Even if there was something, it’s very unlikely they would release it to us for legal reasons, mostly, which is a bit of a disappointment, because we were hoping to at least get the original audio recordings. So we’re basically working off what was in the original game at this point and not having access to any original stuff.”Nightdive has not been able to collect previous data from EA.

It’s a frustrating situation, but Nightdive isn’t giving up just yet. The developer believes it’ll still get Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition. Kick believes most of the code work is done and right now the team is experimenting and checking it’s usabilityfor the users. Last month’s cinematic opening is likely to drop the 60fps target for a more film-like 30 with added grain, whereas the team prepare to work the in-game engine into a presentable state.

“We should probably be showing that next, but I can’t tell you when that’s going to be.”