Rainbow Six Siege is going to hit the Xbox Game Pass near soon

Xbox Game Pass has posted a simple but decent crazy and dopey teaser image to its Twitter official account which can mean only one of two things (analysis by an expert): Either Rainbow Six Siege is coming to Game Pass or someone at the Xbox social media team has gone mad and crazy and is making trebuchet memes. It’s an image of a castle under attack, a siege, and there are six rainbows. It is probably showing six rainbow siege. Do we still need to continue spelling this out? 

That means you’ll be seeing Rainbow Six Siege among the collection of games those giving Microsoft some monthly cash will be able to play soon. Some people have reached out to Microsoft for confirmation of news about whether the game will come to both PC and console, but have yet to get a response. If so, this should be just in time for new players to experience the Tachanka (blessed be his name) rework and the larger map rework that is part of Year 5.

At five years old, Rainbow Six Siege is still going strong as a fixture on our list of most of  the popular websites that gives ranks , but this will likely be an infusion of new blood for a game with an already-strong community. If it interests you, go and download the  latest version of rainbow six siege game through proper channel.