PS5 Size Reveal

A photo of factory workers at Sony has surfaced on the internet, where one of them is holding a PlayStation 5 Unit, so we can see the theoretical size of the real device.

An interesting photo surfaced on ResetEra, thanks to it we have the opportunity to see PS5 in a real hands-on experience and get to have some idea about its real size. The photo shows three employees from Sony’s factory, one is holding a PlayStation 5 unit. However, the unit can only be seen from a side, but it does not prevent us to have an estimate of its size. The console is just a little smaller than the torso of the man holding it. It should be kept in mind that the picture below may have been fabricated and does not actually show Sony’s upcoming console (although it has been confirmed from a solid source).

ResetEra Source leak
Source: ResetEra

As a comparison, let’s have a look at the official dimensions of Microsoft’s competitive console – Xbox Series X. The device is a little over 30 centimeters (301 millimeters) in height, and about 15 centimeters wide (151 millimeters). A little while ago, a photo comparing the size of both devices appeared on the Internet, according to that photo Sony’s console is about 8.5 centimeters taller, but much slender.

The official appearance of PlayStation 5 was first revealed on June 11 at Sony The Future of Gaming Show. It was also revealed at that time that the console will be released in two versions – traditional and a digital (without the Blu-Ray). DualSense charging station were also revealed then along with a remote control, a camera and Pulse 3D wireless headphones. The PS5 is scheduled to be released during the running year’s Holidays.