Their ultra-features may not be in PC at launch in other words.

The focus of FIFA’s announcement last week was on the desire for next-generation version games. In this holiday season, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox both are expected to release it. Upcoming FIFA 21 is considered one of the most awaited pc game. According to EA’s own FIFA 21 FAQ, the base of the PC version will be the PS4 and Xbox will be one version of the game.

“FIFA 21 on PC will be the same version as released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” the FAQ reads (via Eurogamer). “We’ll have more information on it in the coming weeks.”

“Deferred lighting and rending” which results in “ultra-realistic football experiences and player fidelity.” Are key featured that were announced last week by officials. The game has also upgraded played animation and “stats-driven player movement,” adding the dual sense 5’s haptic feedback ability was also confirmed.

Last week’s new trailer released was a display for the next-generation version of FIFA 21, not the PC one. The PC version releases on October 6 alongside the PS4 and Xbox one edition.

Let’s hope for the best for this long-awaited new version. FIFA 21 has started trending in different platforms. It can cause serious disappointment in its PC users if it lacks some advanced features, even if they were only available to users with high specs.

Hoping our good wishes for this 2020 blockbuster FIFA 21 game.