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Pakistan Ranks 11th Around The Globe In Esports Earnings. After a successful year in the esports industry, Pakistan now ranks 11th across worldwide in esports earnings mainly thanks to Sumail Hussain.

Pakistan Ranks 11th Around The Globe In Esports Earnings.

Sumail Hassan, a 20-year-old boy from Pakistan earned $3,591,225.34 from 65 esports Tournaments altogether. He became the first Pakistani self-made millionaire of the year.

Sumail Hassan is “Dota 2 Player” is now the player for Evil Geniuses.

The boy used to play the game in a gaming zone with his cousin, as he did not have a personal computer. Sumail also sold his bicycle so he can have more playtime.

Sumail Hassan has become the third greatest earning in esports overall.

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The game expert has started another franchise named OG, which offers one of the highest financially rewarding tournament.

Sumail’s Brother Yawar Hussain is also a gaming freak and is on the 310th position of the list.

He has earned over $377,026.60 from 28 tournaments. He has also played Dota 2 like his brother but not from the same organization.

There have been multiple times when both brothers came head-to-head with Sumail often being victorious.

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