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People Can Fly, developer of Bulletstorm and some other awesome shooting games, had announced a new RPG Co-Op Shooter Outriders for releasing in Summer 2020 has now been delayed with a firm release date of February 2. 2021. According to a news excerpt, the developer thought it was wiser to release the game right after the next-level consoles launch, rather than just before.

Source: People Can Fly

It was also revealed that it is a much better choice to release games on the next-gen technology for better optimizations with regular future updates.

Based on the impression of the gameplay released by Outrider YouTube channel, it is worth the wait and we all are aware of the history of the developer People Can Fly.

Source: Outriders YouTube Channel

The Outriders invites you to play out your power fantasies of being an assassin, or a twisted fire-starter. As your enemies die, you will pick up bits of loot. The more you pick up the loot, the more your character changes its appearance. People Can Fly were quite taken with Blizzard’s dark and loot-filled world of Diablo.

Source: Square Enix

Another reason for the release delay is the fact that Outriders will now be featuring full cross-play between PC, Consoles and Stadia. Console owners will also get a free upgrade to the next-gen version if they bought it on PS4 or Xbox One X Series. For PC, it is available to Pre-Purchase on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Also check out IGN’s official gameplay overview and Tiny Gamer’s news link :

Source: IGN YouTube Channel
Source: Tiny Gamer YouTube Channel

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