Nvidia Dirvers 451.48 Tested in Many Games

We have tested 6 games on the Hardware Accelerated Off And On In Games Benchmark Side By Side so Do you You want to know the performance on the 10 Series Graphics Cards Then Have A look …….

Nvidia Driver 451.48 Hardware Accelerated ON VS OFF (Test In 6 Games)

Whenever Nvidia released a driver it usually supports some specific games more appropriately than other games. Because of different Ray Tracing technologies, different games work differently on a specific Nvidia Driver. But this time, Nvidia released a DirectX 12 Ultimate game ready Driver. This Driver, instead of focusing on a couple of games, will more focus on providing full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate.

451.48 Nvidia Drivers

So As You Know The Latest Nvidia drivers are just released and it will affect the performance of the games. Like if you are playing games with the older version then and you are getting lagging in the playing o the game. like low fps and getting a problem in the playing of the smoother game .. so Nvidia just released the latest drivers Called 451.48. These Nvidia drivers are best so far in playing games and other stuff.

451.48 are the drivers that are most effective in gameplay. and one more thing if you are using windows 10 2004 Version and with Any RTX Graphic card Series So You Are going to get some more fps in games. Because The Technology Hardware Accelerated is only working on Rtx Series And it is available in the Windows 10 the latest version.

How to ON and OFF Hardware Accelerated GPU
Hardware Accelerated GPU

Here is the side by Side Comparison between Hardware Acceleration On VS Hardware Accelateion Off. But pc spec in this are given Below

As I Told You It will only Wok In the RTX Series So Have A look at this video And you will not see too much Difference Between them.

PC Specs :

GPU : Msi Gaming X 1060 6Gb

 CPU : I5 4570

RAM : 8GB Ram

PSU : Antec 500W Platinum

Mobo : Acer