Minecraft being one of the best-selling crafting game has been inducted into world video game hall of fame.

Narrating as “one of the most innovative construction toy of all time” in the video games disclosing the 2020 inductees. Gameplay was not only the reason to select Minecraft but also its community too. As a matter of fact Minecraft has motivated players all over the world in sort of ways, from game development to education and far beyond than this. This is the most creative game of all time. Game has managed to grab most views on YouTube even involving Vatican. The world video game Hall of Fame was settled in 2015, at that time 3 most popular games named Doom, Tetris and World of Warcraft were among first inductees. Other games also included in hallowed halls of gaming’s elite include Halo, The sims, Final Fantasy 7 and solitaire, and joining Minecraft this year is bejeweled, king’s quest and centipede.

Have a look on hall of fame induction video here;

we are likely to agree with Minecraft’s place. Its block-builder’s legacy is continues to expand, with mobile AR game Minecraft earth, and latest released action adventurer Minecraft dungeons.