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Scene from game

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a role playing game developed by Warhorse Studios in 2018. When the game was launched, it contains lots of bugs and doesn’t run in the best expected manner but they patched and imroved the game. Now the game runs perfect and gameplay is also improved to facilitate players with immersive gameplay. Despite of all those flaws in the begining, the game was ranked 7/10 in best role palying games on steam claiming that its the best role playing game with real world actions and graphics. The game shows a medieval Kingdom of Bohemia – a state of Holy Roman Empire – with perfect historical look and content.

Launch Trailer

It is an open world game in which a person full of aggression of his fathers murder due to invasion, becomes the King and avenge his parents murder and also restore Bohemia. Open world game features quest lines and immersive gameplay with accurate weapons, combat techniques and architecture of 15th centurey.

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