john wick

john wick is going to hit the gaming industry later this year.

On twitter, mike bethel  (Thomas Was Alone, The Solitaire Conspiracy) announced this news that that one of his latest games, a famous one, is coming to Steam.

the game was originally launched last year exclusively on epic game store. John wick hex will be going to launch on multiple gaming stream platforms like x box one and switch on December 4th.  Bathel is utilizing all his time to bring famous game john wick hex on stream.

If you passed over on the Epic Games Store release, the game Hex is a tactical adventurer game where you play as the Baba Yaga himself. Encounters don’t happen in real-time, but they’re not turn-based, either. Instead, each of your actions takes some amount of time, similar to Transistor. As you jump to the next level, you can use the money you earned to modernize weapons and buy new skills and arts. You better put your money to good use, too. You can’t bring any cash over to new stages in the game

The titular character is the focus on John Wick Hex, but the game tells its own story. It’s a prequel to the film franchise, following John Wick as he embarks on a desperate rescue mission.

Although the famous game is more of a tactics game than anything, it doesn’t lose its action roots. You can’t really approach encounters stealthily,

The December 4 launch is also bringing physical versions of the game for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One 

the game is considered one of the best-developed games by the publisher Game director +writer (The Solitaire Conspiracy, North Star Rising, game Hex, Thomas Was Alone, Volume, The Circular Series). people also Hope to get a release of Solitaire Conspiracy on Consoles at some point.