Hyper Scape Test Version Available

Hyper Scape Test Version Available – Gameplay – Guns and Hacks – Twitch linking and much more. You can get a game from Twitch during this period form Twitch drop.

Hyper Scape Test Version Available
Hyper Scape Player Landing in battle

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Hyper Scape Test Version Available – Gameplay – Guns and Hacks – Twitch linking and much more.

This article, I am covering all the aspects that are mentioned in the title. Let’s start with the details about the Test Version of the game.

Test Version of Hyper Scape

Ubisoft’s game Hyper Scape is now fully revealed, the game that has been teased and partially leaked over the last few days. Ubisoft released a technical test version of the game with some of the features. This Technical test version of the game will run from July 2 to July 7. After which the game will be fully released.

The technical version of the game is only available for the PC. This version comes with nine weapons and nine special abilities. The special abilities in the game are called “hacks”. These special abilities include jumping high up in the air and mines etc. The technical version of the game also comes with a 10 tire battle pass for free. Anything that the player earned from this battle pass will remain in the full released game. Let’s head towards the next section of how to get the technical version of the game.

How to get the Technical version of Hyper Scape

If you want to play this technical version of the game, you will have to link your Twitch accounts with your UPlay accounts. Then you have to watch the streamers on Twitch with drop enabled for a chance to get access to the test version of the game.

Steps for Twitch Drop


In this section, I am going to talk about the gameplay.

Hyper Scape City Map

There is no barred land or forest in the game. The game map looks like is a highly developed city of Paris with high roof buildings. This city is named as Neo Arcadia. Players travel to this city in their personal deployment.


The player lands equipped with a melee weapon only. The player can find weapons and hacks in the buildings and supply boxes at various locations of the map. The Player can equip two weapons and two hacks at a time. You cannot customize your weapon. But when you find the same weapon or hack you are equipped with, your weapon or hack is upgraded. For example, if you are holding Ripper (a gun in Hyper Scape), and you find another Ripper, your gun’s magazine or damage is increased.

All About Team or Squad

In Hyper Scape, there are 100 players in a match. You can compete with other players in squads of three persons. If an enemy kills you, you are not expelled out of the server. You can move freely on the map like a soul and tell your teammates about other enemies. Your teammates can bring you back in the game by restoring you from the restore points. Restore points are formed by killing the opponents.

Map Shrinking

As the game proceeds, unlike other battle royale games, the sectors in Neo Arcadia decay and collapse. In this way, the map shrinks in New Arcadia.

Game Events

There occur different game events such as Low Gravity and Unlimited Ammo during the match. The final phase is called a showdown phase. In this phase, a Hyper Scape crown appears anywhere in the map. You can win the match in two ways. Either you pick the crown for 45 seconds or eliminate all the opponents in the map. There are lots of jumpers on the map that help you to climb up the buildings very easily.

Twitch Influence

Viewers on Twitch can influence the game, by voting for the next game event. Moreover, you can play the with your favourite streamers by watching their live streams.

All about Hyper Scape

This is all about the game for today. For more updates, just visit our website. Now don’t waste the time and head towards the Twitch live streams. We wish u best of luck for the Twitch drop.

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