Helish Quart Sword based game

Hellish Quart is a New Sword Fencing game. Its Developers previously worked on Witcher III and Bulletstorm.

Hellish Quart- A New Sword Fencing game.

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Hellish Quart- A New Sword Fencing game.

Hellish Quart is a new sword fencing game that shows the era of the 17th Century. It is a sword duelling type game. You can use a Sword, sabres, rapiers, broadswords and many other blades to fight with enemies. The game modes available in-game would be single campaign and local multiplayer with friends.

Physics and Mechanics of Hellish Quart

The characters in the game use motion-captured fencing techniques. And because of this, the Sword Clashing looks real. Here is what written on their original Website: “The swords really clash and block each other in Hellish Quart using game engine PHYSICS.” So, you can only hit your opponents only with perfectly timed attacks and also you have to pass the guards of your opponents.

The game’s animation is designed by one of the Witcher III animators. It means we can expect good animation in the game. The fighting in the game is very inspiring and even the non-fighting players can get inspired from the game fights.

Character Models in Hellish Quart

The character models in Hellish Quart are also based on 3D scanned real clothes and outfits of old 17th Century. All the mechanics and clothes are made in such a way to give players the complete experience of Sword Fencing. The 17th-century look is also inspiring.

Hellish Quart Release and Platform

Hellish Quart would be playable on PC and will be available on Steam Store. The release date of the game is still unknown but you can add the game in your wishlist on Steam Store.

Overall, I am waiting for this game impatiently as I love Sword fighting games. Let’s see when the game appears on the screens.

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