Firstly it was planned to appear at E3 2020

Avalanche software will launch harry potter in late 2021 for next generation console, as reported by Bloomberg agency. According to Bloomberg report the game will “let players role play as wizard and roam, open world re-creation of Hogwarts and its surrounding area” while also nothing that “the video was authentic, but most of rumors that have come out since are not real”.

Footage leaked in 2018 were original, said by two unnamed sources working in development team of game. While talking to Bloomberg. Initial reports that harry potter will be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox in late 2021. Repots still makes no mention of PC release version of harry potter.

After release of next Batman game which is going to release at DC fandome event in august, this game will be released. Firstly is was announced that harry porter RPG would be released at E2 200. Before the function was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic erupted.

Warner bros has also registered powerful domains for “Gotham knights” and “suicide squad game”

For those who are holding their breath for warner bros. announcement, it is tough labor to wait. Same like not a single official announcement has been made about the new batman game that was teased in September last year.