Nvidia IS Making a New variant of Geforce GtX 1650 – Ultra Variant

Nvidia is Making a New variant of Geforce GtX 1650–Ultra Variant. But This Graphic card Is Much Cheaper than the Gtx 1650 Super and have less Cuda Cores.
LarkBox can do more than your everyday desktop PC.

Lark box is the world’s smallest Windows PC that fits right in your pocket...

Lark box is the world's smallest Windows PC that fits right in your pocket and supports 4K output. Ultra-small Size/Intel J4115 Processor/6GB RAM/128GB ROM/4K Video Output/Ultra-silence Cooling Fan. It's up for preorder on Indiegogo starting at $155.
Nvidia Dirvers 451.48 Tested in Many Games

Nvidia Driver 451.48 Hardware Accelerated ON VS OFF (Test In 6 Games)

We have tested 6 games on the Hardware Accelerated Off And On In Games Benchmark Side By Side so Do you You want to know the performance on the 10 Series Graphics Cards Then Have A look .......
Nvidia GeForce RTX Game Ready Driver

DirectX 12 Ultimate Game Ready Driver Launched by Nvidia Including Support for 9 new...

Nvidia Latest Graphics Driver Includes Everything for Next Generation Games Supported by GeForce RTX.
Lexar DDR4-2666 DRAM for Desktop and Laptop

DDR4-2666 is Lexar’s first ever DRAM. And More Future Plans

At competitive prices, these RAMs are fast and relieble. What would be the next launch model..?