Dr Disrespect Banned.

Dr DisRespect is Permanently Banned from Twitch and the reason is still unknown. The channel just disappeared from Twitch.

Dr Disrespect is banned from Twitch
Dr Disrespect Streaming Face

Who is Dr DisRespect?

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Real Name: Guy Beahm
Date of birth: March 10, 1982
Place of birth: Encinitas, California, U.S.A

Guy Beahm aka Dr DisRespect is a high profile Streamer, a Youtuber and also Game Designer. He started his youtube career in January 2010 by creating videos on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. As a streamer on Twitch, he played a variety of Shooter games. Call of Duty is the most played game by Dr DisRespect. Because of this, he was hired by Sledgehammer Games as their community manager. He designed many maps in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. But get back to his gaming career as a streamer.

He also played  PUBGFortnite, Ring of Elysium, Escape From Tarkov, and Apex Legends. In 2017, Dr Disrespect won both Streamer of the Year and Trending Gamer of the Year at the Esports Industry Awards and The Game Awards respectively. He does not come on camera with his Real Face. In fact, he has created a fictional character “Dr DisRespect”. Just take a look what he says about this character:

I created a character who plays multiplayer video games, and he’s considered the most dominating gaming specimen

Guy Beahm aka Dr DisRespect

Dr DisRespect is Permanently Banned from Twitch and the Reason is still unknown.

Dr Disrespect has been banned from Twitch on Friday, June 26, 2020. His channel with 4 million followers including paid subscribers is no longer available. This was first announced by StraemerBans which automatically tracks that which streamer has been banned. And post it on its Twitter account as follow:

StreamerBans Tweet.

As far as the time duration is concerned, Rod Breslau told in one of his Tweet that the ban is permanent. It means we will not see the face of Dr DisRespect on Twitch again.

Rod Breslau’s Tweet about Permanent Ban.

There are two surprising factors regarding this matter. First, the secrecy behind the ban i.e. Twitch has not announced the reason for the ban. Rod Breslau again said in his another Tweet that he knows the reason for the ban. But due to some reasons, he can not tell us. He also does not feel comfortable with this situation.

Second, Dr DisRespect signed an exclusive, two year deal with Twitch earlier this Year (roundabout March this year). A person which signed a deal with an organization is banned from the platform. Isn’t it Strange? You can take a look at what Shannon Liao says about the Ban:

Shannon’s harsh Tweet about the Ban of Dr DisRespect .

It’s not the first time Dr DisRespect is banned from Twitch. He was once banned in 2019 because he streamed from a public bathroom in E3. But that was not a permanent ban. After that, He apologized and his channel was unbanned after two weeks.

Dr DisRespect’s Tweet about the whole Scenario

Right after one day, Dr DisRespect has Tweeted about the incident. He does not seem happy about the situation. He also asked for Support in this Tweet.

Dr DisRespect Reply

I don’t feel comfortable due to the ban of Dr DisRespect. He is a high profile streamer and I am also a fan of his gaming. Still, we don’t know the reason for Ban, but cant wait to hear the reason.

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