Nvidia GeForce RTX Game Ready Driver

Nvidia Latest Graphics Driver Includes Everything for Next Generation Games Supported by GeForce RTX.

DirectX 12 ultimate on GeForce RTX
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Whenever Nvidia released a driver it usually support some specific games more appropriately than other games. Because of different Ray Tracing technologies, different games work differently on a specific Nvidia Driver. But this time, Nvidia released a DirectX 12 Ultimate game ready Driver. This Driver, instead of focusing on a couple of games, will more focus on providing full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate.

DirectX 12 Ultimate gives developers a large, multi-platform install base of hardware to target and ready-made tools and examples to work from — all backed by time-saving middleware. This makes game development faster and easier, and enables more developers to add these innovative technologies to their games. Many developers have already crafted next-gen experiences featuring these technologies–there are over 30 DirectX Ray Tracing games shipping or announced–and now with the launch of DirectX 12 Ultimate, adoption of them is set to increase rapidly.

Says Nvidia

DirectX 12 Ultimate Graphics API is introduced in Windows 10 update (10 May, 2020). Here lets take a look what Microsoft says about it:

When gamers purchase PC graphics hardware with the DX12 Ultimate logo or an Xbox Series X, they can do so with the confidence that their hardware is guaranteed to support ALL next generation graphics hardware features, including DirectX Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading, Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback. This mark of quality ensures stellar “future-proof” feature support for next generation games!

says Microsoft
DirectX 12 Ultimate Graphics API settings in Windows
DirectX 12 Ultimate Graphics API settings in Windows

After the release of DirectX 12 Ultimate Graphics API in Windows 10 update (10 May, 2020), GeForce Game Ready Driver Supports all the new next-gen graphics hardware features including Raytracing [DXR], variable rate shading, mesh shaders and Sampler Feedback. This makes Nvidia’s GeForce RTX stack the only one to support all these features right now..!

Explanation about DirectX 12 Ultimate Features on Geforce RTX

This New Game Ready Driver will work only on 10 May 2020 Updated Windows and for GeForce RTX stacks only. Beyond this, this drivers adds support for 9 new G-Sync Compatible Display – game monitors that makes gaming more smoother. These monitors are:

New G-Sync Compatible Display Monitors supported by Nvidia Game Ready Driver
List of G-Sync Compatible Displa Monitors supported by Driver

You can download the latest driver through GeForce Experience, or grab and install it manually from Nvidia’s driver page.

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