death ground

Deathground’s new game by jaw Drop Games reveals pro tips to survive in this game by staying silent. A new solo or co-op survival horror game by jaw drop games.

A newly released trailer of gameplay shows the intense chapter of dinosaurs. previews what happens when you didn’t obey some rules.

This tense and adventurer as per trailer game is going to be among the best dinosaur survival game in years.  “A solo and co-op survival horror game that throws players into a desperate battle for survival against deadly AI dinosaurs,” death grounds Kickstarter page statement, which still has 21 days to meet its goal.

Our mission as an unexpected brave hunter in a world storm by dinosaurs is to recover valuable raid from “Deathgrounds,” which are usually panic-convince places covered in hidden shadows and mapped with narrow tunnels and cramped hiding spaces.

You and up to two friends are assigned to locate an assigned point and privately past surprisingly light-footed dinosaurs to the removal point. Spawn points, targets, and extraction points are all randomized each match, and dinosaurs will adapt to your tactics and adjust their own predatory patterns accordingly, so surviving requires strategy. There is some shooting, but ammo is sparse and noise is your enemy, so stealth is the name of the game.

jaw drop is the developer of this game which is an independent group of developers. based on the UK who have experienced some real gems of the horror genre including Soma, Amnesia, and alien isolation.

This game planned to launch most probably in 2021 early access period and 2022 release on stream