Crying suns Game Release on Android Devices
Crying Suns Game Android Release

The crying Suns Game Is just Released On Our android Devices, and it is a paid version.

The humble bundle launched his game crying sun for the first time on android devices while this game has been released on computer device many times ago so here is the released version on our android devices.

This game looks like FTL Means this game is inspired by FTL and you can see the launch trailer of this game given below. There are many new features added and the game looks like a very aesthetic type.

Crying sun is and indie pace roguelike game and inspired by FTL and in this game, you have to survive from the other enemies and you have to complete your mission. by fighting them and shooting on them.
in this game, there are more than 300 story events to explore in this game, and yeah you may have many features like sandworms some rich tactical gameplay, and many more.

If we talk about the price of this game as I mentioned that this is a paid game the price of this game is less than the PC Version. The Price of this game is $8.99 While the price of the pc version is $24.99.

And one more thing in the android version when will the new updates will be releasing the updates will completely free and you don’t have to buy any updates.

You Can Buy the Game By Click Here