COD season 4 trailer released

Minor changes about multiplayer mode has been introduced by Infinity Ward on PS4, Xbox one, and PC.

According to Infinity ward, this update contain 2 changes. First, minor and rare burst-fire versions of M4 assault rifle have been eradicated from loot caches in Warzone. Not a single reason was commented by Developer of Infinity ward that why the weapons have been removed.

Secondly and  important update, Modern Warfare’s new all or nothing playlist now supports parties which previously it didn’t. There updates were introduced by all type of users on PS4, Xbox one and PC. From last 48 hours, it is second update introduced by Infinity Ward.  A previous update introduced a bunch of new playlists for Modern Warfare and Warzone, as well as Boots on the Ground War, Realism Mosh Pit, All or Nothing, and Stir-Crazy, among others.