A great experience of Ancient Egypt with friends by starting a club.

If you are getting bore in this time of pandemic and you’ve been thinking to yourself, gosh, it would be a great fun to travel back in time to ancient Egypt with friends, kill a whole bunch of enemies, and launch a epic war between two shadowy groups fighting for control of humanity, I’ve got good news: Assassin’s Creed: Origins is going free for the weekend from June 19-21.

Origins lets us know the tale of Bayek, who gets into a beef with some guys, goes underground, and then comes back for revenge, which somehow spirals into murdering Julius Caesar. It’s a few years old now—it came out in 2017—but it’s also really good. Chris narrated “It is one of the strongest games in the series” in his 84% reviews and we selected it as the best open

World game in our year-end roundup. For a series that had been around for ten years (and the same number of main series games, plus various spinoffs) at that point, that’s pretty impressive.

Ubisoft.com is even being kind enough by allowing players to Pre-load the game. This means that you guys can start enjoying Origins as soon as it unlocks. We highly recommend Pre-loading if you intend to play the game this weekend. Origins clocks in at a file size of 43.43 GB, and play can be slow sometimes