assassin creed

There is no effect on assassin creed games because of the same story but the choice may also affect.

Assassin creed now will let you change gender anytime. Whenever you want either you choose a male hero or a female hero. But different from previous games you won’t be confined to your decision.

“You can decide to play male or female”, game director Eric Baptizat told to a gaming site. “[But], you are allowed to change, at any time, your skill tree or the gender of your character—you can swap at any time.”

This would have made less sense in its previous ones. Where the siblings you reject used to becomes an antagonist. According to baptizat, this choice does have an impact on the narrative. It is a full story though, it is not just a different character model and voice actor also.

“It was important to make this option available for the player. It’s something that the player can decide for the way they want to play because it has some impact on the narrative—but it’s not two different stories. It’s the same story of the character—whatever options your character decides.”

Baptizat adds that the team wants players to “experience all the possibilities of the game.” It’s definitely going to save me a headache. I loved playing Kassandra in Odyssey, but I did get a bit of FOMO. After I finished, I briefly considered starting a New Game Plus, but after 150 hours, I was pretty tuckered out. I was expecting to struggle with the choice in Valhalla, but it looks like I won’t have to settle. 

A November 17 release date was announced yesterday