EA announces Apex Legends for Steam today at EA Play Event

This fall, Apex Legends, one of the feature games of EA Games is coming to Steam. Its debatable whether its really on Steam since launching it through Steam will launch EA’s Origin, but to keep it simple, lets say it is coming to Steam.

Not only this, EA is planning to bring almost all of its games on Steam, including their triple A titles (FIFA, NFL, NBL, Star Wars).

Apex Legends is the most complicated EA game to make the leap, given its live and everchanging nature. The developer also announced today at EA Play Event that Apex Legends will be getting cross-platform support, covering Origin, Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and a new Switch version. It still remains unknown as to how Respawn will tackle the Keyboard and Mouse vs Controller configuration problem.

Just like the game release on Steam ,cross-platform support is also scheduled to arrive in the fall.