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Amazon new world released date revised to 2021

Delaying From May to august and now in 2021, Amazon’s MMO gets pushed back again.

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The new world will be released after the beta test in spring 2021. Once again delayed by Amazon game studio. News broke out after three months from the first delay from May to August. Amazon tried to explain the decision by a tweet. You can read the whole seems the studio needs time to add features and content before going to launch. Amazon’s foray into MMOs is now in closed alpha state. But those who have spent more time with amazon’s new world mostly have positive things to comment on. An official statement by Amazon new world says that players have expressed that” they want more of it”. These reviews by users are the main reasons for to delay of the game.

No one currently knows the more about amazon’s new world features. A recent dev update breaks down how character progression works. It seems it is fairly intense.  Basically, character progression takes place across three distinct categories: Core Attributes, Trade Skills, and Weapon Mastery, and each of those branches out into several subskills. For instance, Trade Skills breaks down into Gathering, Refining, and Crafting, each of which has its own 16 specializations.

You can sign up for amazon’s new world if you want to be among first ones who will be going to play. Only limited time will be given to play a new world along with alpha game testers and people with preorders of gameplay.  

Gamers’ eyes have now been stuck on the release date of Amazon new world, spring 2021 after recent dates of May and August.