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Mundaun, a spooky new title on the way from one-man developer Hidden Fields, has been announced as part of the Day of the Devs Summer Game Fest show.

An all new mystery horror game called Mundaun is announced during the Day of the Devs livestream. Set on a great, strange mountain in the alps, it begins with the mysterious death of an old man, the grandfather of the protagonist, and leads to the discovery of something or someone far more sinister.

The game is based on hand-sketched visuals and is inspired by a “dark, mythical folklore from the Alps” from one of the developer’s childhood home. It blends “reality and myth” in a first-person journey up the Mundaun Mountain, a place which shrouded in darkness and secrets, and will even feature interesting mechanics. There is a “fear resistance factor” which will affect your ability to move: The more you fear, the slower you’ll be able to move, which means that keeping your head up will be vital to keeping it attached.

Featuring puzzles to solve, vehicles to board and NPCs to interact with but most important factor of the game is the art style. As in the trailer, the pencil-drawn graphics are amazing and gives the game an aesthetic look. The audio and the sound-track of the whole game is creepy as hell.

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Published by MWM Interactive, Mundaun is set to launch in 2021 and is coming to Steam. In the meantime, check out the awesome visuals on the official website

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