About Us

We’re a Gamers community, loaded with all the exciting news from the planet of E-Gaming.

We are a group of students who wanted to escape the rat race with their exciting ideas and creativity and their utmost love for gaming.

Reason of Being

Our mission is to provide our amazing audience with the latest developments in gaming and stay connected with our audience by channeling our thoughts and views through our content and to grow as a community.


The Tiny Gamers’ mindset is based on creativity, knowledge, hard work and research, inclusivity, independence, and impact. We work holding on tightly to the veil of unity.

Our Vibe

We mix the elements of our mindset, hard work, inclusivity, and creativity into the cauldron and stick together to the saying “We are all in this together!”. We dream it together and do it together every day.

Our Goal

To deliver diverse content and an experience worth remembering while surfing through the content. To tell the world that “Gaming is not a Crime.”